Sunday, June 13, 2010

homeward bound

OK. I'm going to try this once more. Everytime I try to write a blog I somehow erase it before I post it. I guess most people would call me techno challenged. So here goes one more try. I'm moving back to Alabama next Sunday .I have mixed emotions and feelings about that. I have been in MD. for the last 6 months, it has been an adventure to say the least. We survived our first blizzard here, two weeks after we arrived. We didn't do to bad for people that had never seen very much snow in their entire lives. Next sunday my daughter Jennifer, my granddaughter Jayden, and I will be flying out of Baltimore heading back to hot and humid Alabama. Michael and Bobo(the worlds greatest dog) will be going back with my nephew Ryan. He is kind enough to drive my stuff to Alabama for me. This blog is intended to keep me sane in all the changes that I know are going to take place. So keep me in your thoughts as we settle back into our new but kinda old life.

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